Group Yoga Classes

Weekly group hatha yoga classes are held at Dallas Therapy Collective. Classes are reserved for 6 people, which makes for a specialized and unique experience. This class is a mix of hatha yoga postures that encourage a balance of gentle, flowing movements and longer holds. The combination of movements and longer-held postures is meant to help calm your body and mind. Some postures will be practiced each week and at times, new ones will be introduced. This class is taught from a trauma-informed perspective and an understanding that the body, emotions, and thoughts all impact each other. Modifications or variations are offered throughout the class. This class is a wonderful way to take care of yourself and connect with yourself.

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Things to Know

  • Come a few minutes early to your first class so that you can talk with me and collect any props (mat, bolster, etc.) needed for the class. Also, be sure to let me know if you have any injuries or restrictions.
  • If you’re new to yoga, please let me know. The first “rule” of yoga is non-violence, which has many implications, and one is gentleness to yourself. So, if anything feels forceful or not good for you in your body or mind, you’re encouraged to come out of the pose and find a comfortable seat or choose a pose that feels right for you.  
  • Please wear comfortable clothing that won’t restrict your breath or movement. 
  • Mats and any necessary props will be available during class. You’re also welcome to bring your own mat or personal props.
  • I will give verbal adjustments or cues in order to ensure safety and understanding in each pose. I am available to give individual instruction during various points in the class.


First class: $20 

Drop-in: $40

Pack of 5 classes: $190 (6 month expiration)

Pack of 10 classes: $360 (1 year expiration)


You can cancel your class reservation up to 1 hour prior to the start of class for a full refund or save the class for a future date. Please kindly respect our cancellation policy: we cannot refund a purchase or use of a class on a class pack up with less than 1 hour notice online.

Prior to your first group yoga class, please fill out the required forms for group yoga. Forms can be emailed back to Evan prior to your first class or, please arrive a little early and you can bring them to class. Students cannot attend a group yoga class without the required forms on file.