Introductory Yoga Series

I offer a choice of two introductory series to begin your yoga journey at Alchemy. These series are offered at a more highly discounted rate and are open to those new to yoga or experienced practitioners looking for something different in their practice. These series are reflective of my experience teaching and specialized training in the mind-body connection, and they will go beyond what a typical studio class might offer. These series are somewhat structured to provide a strong foundation of yogic and mindfulness principles and concepts, and some customization is offered based on your interests and curiosity.

Yoga Foundations

$600, 60-minute Consultation + 5, 60-minute Sessions

Are you new to yoga or want to have a focused experience with a certain style or aspect of the practice? This introductory series includes education on the 8 limbs of yoga; sessions devoted to breathwork, meditation, and physical yoga postures; and the option of focusing on 1-3 styles of yoga (hatha, vinyasa, and restorative). You’ll complete the series with a basic knowledge of yoga, insight into how you’d like to cultivate or shift your practice, and ways to develop or bolster your home practice. This introductory package is for new clients only. 

Mind-Body Connections

$600, 60-minute Consultation + 5, 60-minute Sessions 

Are you curious how yoga could complement your therapy work? In this series, we’ll investigate how you can integrate your yoga practice with your talk therapy sessions by delving into the mind-body connection. We’ll explore how your yoga practice can be a way to care for yourself, strengthen the connection with the body, and be curious.  

In order to engage in this series, you must currently be attending therapy or have a relationship with a therapist as well as some previous experience practicing yoga. This series is not a substitute for a therapy relationship and is not a sole treatment for mental health issues. Additionally, this series is not yoga therapy. We will not discuss your mental health symptoms in depth, which is why a relationship with a therapist is necessary, and I will not treat your symptoms from a psychological perspective. 

 This series is an opportunity to explore what may not addressed in talk therapy, the body, and ways of noticing the body, expressing what you’re feeling, and making effective choices to meet your body, emotions, and thoughts where they are. You can feel free to tell me a bit about your experience or symptoms, as it may be useful to you. However, I’ll keep our focus on how yoga can be a space to express your emotions in a nonverbal way or notice a sensation or feeling more fully. This introductory package is for new clients only. 

Specialized Yoga Series

After you’ve taken either Yoga Foundations or Mind-Body Connections, you’re able to purchase any of the following series at any time. These series are more specialized in focus and tailored to you.

Air Series

$615, 30-minute Consultation + 5, 60-minute Sessions

It’s easy to think about self-care as another thing on your to-do list. When it becomes a chore or another box to check, is it really nourishing you? Of all the elements, air is the most mobile. However, the frequency of that movement can often leave a sense of feeling ungrounded. In this highly tailored series, we’ll work on reconnecting to the things that ground you and identifying effective ways you can integrate them into your yoga practice.We’ll explore how you can incorporate self-care into your day in shorter and longer breaks. The overarching intentions are to identify your needs, connect to how you can support your needs through your yoga practice, and effectively adapt as your needs and how you respond to them ebb and flow. 

Fire Series

$390, 30-minute Consultation + 3, 60-minute Sessions 

Maybe you want to create a transition for yourself after your workday as you settle in for the evening. Maybe you simply want a way to shake off your day. Or, maybe you’d like to create a pre-sleep routine to wind down right before bed. The element of fire signifies transformation. While change can be uncomfortable, it’s also an opportunity to grow. There are a number of ways your yoga practice can help you transition into your evening and set a solid foundation for the following day. In this series, we’ll explore how you can use your yoga practice to support you in your evening based on your routine and interests.

Earth Series

$390, 30-minute Consultation + 3, 60-minute Sessions 

The morning can feel full of possibilities and overwhelming at the same time. Earth is the element that offers support and consistency, yet it also invites movement to counter the stagnation that can accompany it in excess. In this series, we’ll explore how developing a morning yoga practice can create a balance of grounding you for your day and giving you flexibility as you encounter the day’s inevitable challenges. You’ll be able to explore longer and shorter durations of a morning yoga practice so you can weave yoga into your days whether you want to sleep in a little more or your first meeting is cancelled. 

Earth + Fire

$615, 30-minute Consultation + 4, 60-minute Sessions 

Sometimes these bookends of the day may be the only time you have to yourself. These times may also be when anxiety can manifest the strongest; maybe it’s the Sunday Scaries or insomnia or the moment when your alarm goes off and your to-do list immediately gets your heart racing. Or, maybe it’s both. In this series, you’ll identify how your body and mind are impacted during these parts of the day and create an intention and routine using your yoga practice to start or end (or both) your day with openness, nonattachment, and awareness. 

Water Series

$500, 30-minute Consultation + 4, 60-minute Sessions 

Think about an emotion or thought you’d like to work through or manifest in your life, and consider how you typically express that emotion or thought. Water is the element of emotions and expression. This series provides a space to work with that emotion or thought in a different way using your yoga practice – to make it real, put it out in the world, and feel that experience more fully rather than how the world tells you how you should feel it. This series is a completely individualized opportunity to work with emotions in a way that promotes expression and empowerment.

Customizable Options

Want something customizable, more time focusing on a specific goal, or dedicated space to enhance your practice in general? If so and if you’ve completed an introductory package, this one’s for you. You can choose the number of sessions for your intentions. Discounts increase with the number of sessions purchased.

$560, 5 sessions

$745, 7 sessions

$1000, 10 sessions

$125, single session: Want to add on to a series or simply want to purchase a single session after taking an introductory package? This option is available to you at any time.

Important Things to Note

  • Please note that all packages require a consultation prior to use. This consultation is an opportunity for us to get to know each other, identify your interests and needs, customize your series choice, and create a plan together. 60-minute consultations are included in the introductory series, and 30-minute consultations are included in all other series.

  • If you’d like to request a longer consultation, please contact me, and we’ll work together to create a plan that’s right for you.

  •  Series must be used within 6 months of purchase.

  •  Purchases are nonrefundable.