About Alchemy Therapy & Yoga

Photo by mgkaya/iStock / Getty Images

My Approach

Western psychotherapy can help the mind to understand emotions and past experiences, express sentiments, and change behaviors. However, there are limits to this approach in isolation. Sometimes, words cannot capture a sensation, and sometimes, words cannot be found, but the body remembers something. Yoga, an Eastern practice, looks to movement, quiet, and turning inward to understand each moment and habits of the mind. By itself, this practice can be overwhelming without words or an outlet to understand and make meaning of this internal journey.

My Philosophy

I’ve spent much of my time in graduate school studying this borderland between talk therapy and yoga. By balancing language and meaning with movement and expression, I find that what unfolds is not only greater awareness but also more understanding, compassion, and autonomy. This pairing can create stability, choices, and more space when you’re feeling overwhelmed or stuck.

My Mission

At Alchemy Therapy and Yoga, I aim to create a space for you to explore your unique mind-body connection. Alchemy happens when the verbal and nonverbal are in balance and it’s my honor to work with you as you create yours.